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total care package

stock up on all 5 of natural mystic's skincare essentials & save $!


1. Rose Quartz Serum: shake well & apply a few drops into hands and massage into clean skin. can be used on the face & body. a little goes a long way! pair with your favorite highlight or skin tint for a naturally glowy effect!

2. Rose Quartz Mist: spray onto face, neck & body as needed. use before or after applying moisturizer, as a refreshing on the go mist, or after applying makeup for a dewy finish.

3. Moroccan Earth Mask: apply an even layer to dry or semi-wet skin. let dry for 10 minutes, then rinse and gently massage off with warm water. follow up with moisturizer of your choice. (do not use more than twice a week)

4. Zen Hydration Jelly: rub a dime size amount between palms & massage into clean face and skin areas in need of hydration.

5. Lotus Balm: apply generously and massage into dry skin. can be used on the face & body.